Breaking the fence and throwing stones: in Poland announced new attempts at mass border crossing by migrants (video)

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 They broke the fence and threw stones: in Poland announced new attempts at mass border crossings by migrants (video)

So that migrants get to Poland , Belarusian special services conducted reconnaissance of the territory and, probably, damaged the fence.

A group of migrants led by Belarusian security forces tried to break into Poland on the night of November 18. More than 100 illegal immigrants were detained.

This was reported by the Ministry of Defense of Poland on Twitter.

It is noted that the Belarusian security forces allegedly first carried out reconnaissance at the border, and probably broke part of the fence so that the migrants could break through. In addition, migrants threw stones at the Polish military.

“An attempt to illegally cross the border in Dubich-Tserkovna, supported by Belarusians, took place tonight. A group of about 100 migrants was detained by Polish services,” the report said. >

According to the police of the Podlaskie Voivodeship on Twitter, the police were attacked by two men in uniform, who stood on the Belarusian side and threw stones at the officers. One of the police officers was hit in the leg with a stone.

Recall that Belarus provoked the migration crisis on its borders with Lithuania, Latvia and Poland. Illegals from Iraq, Syria and African countries are arriving in Minsk en masse, and the Belarusian border service helps migrants to get to the EU. Passing refugees was the Lukashenka regime's response to Western sanctions.

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