Britain has developed a tracker to protect women walking alone

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Britain has developed a tracker to protect women walking alone

Moscow. October 10th. INTERFAX.RU – The British Telephone Service (BT) has developed a “Take Me Home” tracker that will allow women to connect to a GPS tracking system, BBC News reports.

Users of the service, which can be accessed by any network, will be able to enter their home address and other destinations into the mobile phone app. Before walking, the user must launch the app, call or send a text message to 888. This will allow the tracker to start GPS tracking. Calculating the approximate travel time, the application will make a call when the user should already be at the destination. If there is no response, then the tracker calls emergency contacts, and then the police.

“This new service is tentatively called 888 or walk me home, but it can also be used on taxi rides, public transport or any other travel,” BT CEO Philip Jansen told the Daily Mail.

BT executives noted that they began developing a tracker app after the murder of marketing director Sarah Everard and Muslim teacher Sabina Nessa on the streets of London.

In late September, the Old Bailey court sentenced former London policeman Wayne Cousins to life in prison for the rape and murder of 33-year-old Sarah Everard. Sarah disappeared on the way home from the guests on the evening of March 3. On March 9, Cousins was detained after being traced through traffic cameras to a rented car in which he was driving for some time in London along the route of the missing. On March 12, the burned remains of a woman were found in a pond in a fishing line near Ashford, in Kent. The disappearance and murder of a young woman prompted the residents of London to protest with the slogan “Take back the streets” despite the ban on street actions due to COVID-19.

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