Britain is ready to transfer fighters to EU countries that will send Soviet aircraft to Ukraine

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Britain is ready to donate fighter jets to EU countries that will send Soviet aircraft to Ukraine

Wallace clarified that these are Soviet MiG29s or Su-24s.

British Defense Minister Ben Wallace announced his country's readiness to supply aircraft to European allies so that they can transfer their old Soviet fighter jets to Ukraine.

This is reported by CNN.

Wallace assured that Ukraine will be able to benefit from fighters faster if EU countries transfer Soviet aircraft, such as the MiG29 or Su-24, to it.

“If they ( EU countries – ed.) want to transfer them (aircraft – ed.) to transfer them, we can use our fighters to ensure their safety,” said the British Minister of Defense.

Wallace also informed that his government is working to rebuild its ammo stocksand looking for alternative supply chains. He noted that these stocks have been depleted since Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

“This war in Ukraine and the way Russia is fighting has shown the West that our stockpiles over the past three decades have often borne the brunt of defense cuts, and we must restore them,” said the head of the British Ministry of Defense.

Recall that earlier, Polish President Andrzej Duda announced his readiness to transfer Soviet MiG-29s to Ukraine. He explained that the transfer of modern fighters to Kiev would take a long time due to the training of pilots.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba earlier assured that the issue of transferring fighters to Ukraine would be resolved positively, but given its complexity, it will take some time.

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