Britain wants to lead the process of issuing an international arrest warrant for Putin


UK wants to lead international arrest warrant for Putin

UK wants Putin arrested/Getty Images

The UK should lead the political process to call for the International Criminal Court to issue an arrest warrant for Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. And also recognize the Russian army as a terrorist one.

This was stated by British MP Laila Moran. According to her, it is not worth dwelling on the sanctions that have already been introduced. After all, Ukrainians continue to be killed.

“It's time to treat Putin's army and mercenaries the way we treat terrorists, using the relevant UK government regulations. We must lead calls for the International Criminal Court to issue an international arrest warrant for Putin,” Moran said.

Who else wants Putin's arrest

Moran is not the only one demanding Putin's arrest. German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier announced the need to hold accountable for war crimes in Ukraine, all those involved in them, including the political leadership of Russia. He stressed that all military personnel who committed crimes in Ukraine, who give them orders, as well as those who bear political responsibility for this, including Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Vladimir Putin, should be punished.

Except In addition, the German Federal Prosecutor's Office received a statement demanding that an investigation be opened against Putin, Lavrov and hundreds of other Russians suspected of committing war crimes in Ukraine. In Germany, for 20 years now, International Criminal Law has been in force, which makes it possible to prosecute and judge under German laws those guilty of war crimes, regardless of in which country, by whom they were committed and who became their victims.

Immunity for Putin and Lavrov

But neither Putin nor Lavrov can yet be in the dock. Both have what is called functional immunity. The President and Minister of Foreign Affairs of any country have such immunity. But he uses it while he is in such a position. This protects him from arrest and trial, even with an international warrant.

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