British historian spoke about the quarrel of princes Harry and William at their grandfather's funeral

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British historian spoke about the quarrel of princes Harry and William at their grandfather's funeral

According to British historian and biographer Robert Lacey, the long-awaited reconciliation of the Prince Brothers Harry and William at the funeral of their grandfather, Prince Philip, never happened. On the contrary, the communication of royalty led to another quarrel.

Lacey claims that the reason for the discord between the brothers lies in the wife of one of them, namely, in the lawful half of Prince Harry – Meghan Markle, reports

– In April, the sad news of the death of Prince Philip gave hope that the brothers would be able to make up, and the family could unite in an atmosphere of reflection …

It was all in vain: as soon as the brothers were out of sight of the cameras, they, in the words of Lacey, “grabbed each other's throats as fiercely as always.”

As a result, no reconciliation, which was later reported by the media, never happened. And, according to the historian, it will not happen in the near future – there is too much of everything, including offensive, said between the brothers. And the anger between them “became incredibly deep.”

Therefore, on the day of the funeral, William and Kate just said goodbye to the family and went to the children.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle officially resigned as senior members of the royal family and left for the United States, where, in their own words, they are trying to establish an independent and independent life from the British royal court. The official reason for the departure of the Dukes of Sussex from London is usually called the annoying attention of the British yellow press, there are a great many unofficial versions.

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