British intelligence told how damage to the Antonovsky bridge will prevent the Russians


British intelligence told how the damage to the Antonovsky bridge will prevent the Russians

Damaged Antonovsky bridge

In Kherson there is only one bridge across the Dnieper – Antonovsky. Consequently, its damage significantly complicates the lives of the occupiers.


On July 19, the Ukrainian military launched a targeted attack on the Antonovsky bridge in Kherson. It was significantly damaged, so the invaders rushed to repair it. After all, huge holes have formed on the bridge.

All because in the event of a blown bridge, the invaders will not retreat in the event of a counteroffensive of the Ukrainian army on Kherson. After all, the next crossing over the Dnieper is in Novaya Kakhovka (Kakhovskaya HPP), except for the railway Antonovsky bridge.

This situation was a real shock for the Russian occupiers. In order to somehow contain the Ukrainian offensive, they decided to resort to intense artillery shelling.

In doing so, the Russian invaders wean a significant problem with ammunition, because their supply lines are quite vulnerable. Among the reasons – both the damage to the Antonovsky bridge, and the fact that Ukrainian artillerymen began to deliver aimed strikes far behind enemy lines. Consequently, the invaders were forced to move their warehouses away from the front line, which greatly complicates their delivery to the front line.

British intelligence notes that in the event of the destruction of the Antonovsky bridge, building a crossing across the Dnieper will be a very high-risk operation. In addition, if the bridge across the Dnieper is destroyed, Russian forces in occupied Kherson will be cut off. And this will be a significant military and political blow for Russia.

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