British Marines test jetpacks

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British Marines test jetpacks

British Marines tested jetpacks from Gravity Industries during anti-terrorist exercises. The video was posted on the company's Instagram.

During the three-day exercise, the Marines practiced hijacking the vessel using individual jetpacks, which literally allow you to fly.

According to the task, the military took off with the help of a knapsack from a boat and landed on a moving vessel of a potential enemy.

The jet suit, which was used during the exercise, consists of a jetpack with fuel, two pairs of jet engines that are attached to the arms, and another engine in the jetpack. The device allows you to fly for 5-10 minutes, accelerating to 137 kilometers per hour.

Gravity Industries was created by Briton Richard Browning. He previously worked in the oil industry and was in the reserve of the Royal Marines. The jetpack was introduced in 2017. In September 2020, the development was tested by the British rescue services.

Two weeks ago, the jetpacks were tested by the Dutch naval special forces. They also practiced boarding a ship hijacked by terrorists. The man with the knapsack managed to reach the goal faster than in a helicopter and an assault boat.

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