British scientists spoke about a new risk group for COVID-19

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British scientists spoke about a new risk group for COVID-19

British scientists spoke about a new risk group for COVID-19

Recently, unvaccinated patients over the age of 40 have become victims of coronavirus infection. The British edition of the Daily Mail has found out who is in mortal danger.

Currently in the UK about 70 percent of the country's citizens have received at least one dose of the vaccine. Nevertheless, according to experts, the body of five percent of the vaccinated may not give an immune response to the vaccine, and in another five percent of the vaccinated it will be weakened for various reasons.

The second group includes transplant patients who take drugs that suppress the mechanisms of struggle in the body, as well as patients with blood cancer. In total, there are up to three million citizens in the UK with such a history.

Experts noted that the age of those vaccinated remains one of the determining factors – in general, vaccination reduces the risk of the disease by 20 times, but this figure differs in different age groups. The risk of death at 35 is half that of 70, experts say.

“The more we vaccinate people, the higher the proportion of deaths among those vaccinated. If we vaccinated everyone, we would expect to see fewer deaths overall, but all of them would still be among vaccinated people, ”explained John Edmunds, professor at the Center for Mathematical Modeling of Infectious Diseases at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

In some cases, patients died after receiving the second dose of the drug, which is explained by infection soon after vaccination – the vaccine did not have time to take effect, experts say.

Earlier it became known that residents of several European countries at once are protesting against the introduction of “Green Passports” and new coronavirus restrictions. Molotov cocktails and tear gas are used.

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