Burnt corpse of missing South Korean official found in North Korea

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Burnt corpse of missing South Korean official found in North Korea

The body of a missing South Korean official was found in North Korea. In Seoul, local authorities believe he was shot. The agency “Yonghap” writes about it.

The burned body of an undisclosed 47-year-old fish control secretary was found near North Korean territorial waters. According to intelligence reports of the South Korean military, the man was shot and then set on fire. The North Korean side is blamed for the incident.

“We strongly condemn such atrocity on the part of Pyongyang and demand explanations and punishment for those responsible. We strictly warn that all responsibility for what happened lies with North Korea, ”said the head of the operations command of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Ahn Yong Ho. He did not specify how Seoul would contact Pyongyang, since the communication line between the countries was cut back in June.

The South Korean secretary from fish control went missing on September 21 while on duty as he was touring the territory of Little Youngpyeong Island in the Yellow Sea. Not far from there is the border of territorial waters between South and North Korea. The official was reported missing on the same day, and only his boots remained on the deck.

On June 9, North Korea turned off all communications with Seoul. Not long before that, Pyongyang issued an order on the final cessation of communication through all channels, including the military and a special line between the top leadership of the two countries.

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