Buryat wanderings: Luhansk region was filled with families of invaders who had previously lived in Zaporozhye


Buryat wanderings: Luhansk region was filled with families of occupiers who previously lived in Zaporozhye

Russian invaders continue to look for their homes on Ukrainian soil in an attempt to move their families from barracks to apartments and houses of people from the occupied territories. For the most part, such actions are inherent in the Buryats and Kadyrovites.

According to Channel 24 sources in the Ukrainian special services,representatives of the traitor clan of Ichkeria are trying to settle in the temporarily occupied Donbass and Lugansk region – away from the front and as part of Kadyrov's attempts to take control of business processes in the so-called “DPR” and “LPR”. But the Buryats just wander around Ukraine in search of a better fate, because at home their relatives live in barracks without access to sewerage and generally no normal conditions.

So, from mid-December 2022 to early January 2023, an invasion of a large number of families of occupiers with a characteristic appearance was recorded in the Luhansk region. They arrived in the occupied territories following their husbands, who were deployed to participate in the war in this direction.

  • According to the Ukrainian special services, after a “goodwill gesture” in the Kherson region and the need to strengthen the defense of the invaders in the Lugansk region, the Russian command decided to redeploy a number of its trained units to the so-called “LPR” as early as last fall.
  • They decided to strengthen their ranks in the Russian General Staff at the expense of the landing units, which were formed mainly from the Buryats. And it so happened that most of these servicemen during their stay in the South had already managed to move their families there.
  • Of course, the wives and children of the invaders, who were on the right bank of the Kherson region, had to return to their homes, having lost the “new housing”.
  • Relatives of the invaders, who “squeezed” apartments in the Zaporozhye region for themselves, moved to the Luhansk region, retaining the “ownership right” to someone else's real estate.

Almost immediately upon arrival at a new place of deployment, the Buryats rushed to the rear cities in order to provide their families with improved living conditions. Most often, housing was “squeezed out” in Lugansk itself and Starobelsk, however, some decided to go a little further, where they liked apartments in Alchevsk and even Khrustalny. Only after that, the paratroopers began to carry out combat missions – to strengthen the second line of defense and serve as barrage detachments for numerous chmobiks, who were driven forward in the direction of Kremennaya and Svatovoe.

Buryat families began to arrive en masse in the temporarily occupied East almost a month after the relocation of their husbands, when “they were convinced that this time they would definitely be able to settle here forever.” However, even despite the fact that many wives of the occupiers have already had to run away from their new home with their children, they are quite satisfied with the opportunities of their men to improve their existence. After all, compared with the barracks in Ulan-Ude, the quality of life is much better even in front-line cities and cities bombed by the Russian army. This is what bribes Buryat families to make forced marches of 7 thousand kilometers with all their property.

A barrack, which can fall apart at any moment, is much worse than an apartment even in the abandoned cities of the so-called “LPR”, and none of them are accustomed to life without electricity, water or heat, because at home they already have no heating after every bad weather.

The “mayors” handed out apartments themselves to “boost the economy”

After their arrival and settling in other people's houses, the wives of the invaders immediately began to overspend, update household appliances and buy clothes in local stores in considerable quantities. It was the fact that the Buryat families of contractors, who receive from 60 to 200 thousand rubles a month for their crimes, led to the fact that the “people's” mayors helped the invaders to choose the best apartments and houses for themselves. After all, their living in the cities will support local business – compared to the locals, they are very rich people.

In order to settle some families of Buryat officers, in Lugansk even evict people from several apartments in the city center. After all, martial law has been declared in the “republic”, and “there was an operational need” for the resettlement of the owners of this particular dwelling. At the same time, representatives of the “authorities” did not care at all that the people they threw out of their own homes supported Putin's war, and also that the occupied Lugansk region had become “Russian territory.”

The Buryat children had already begun to go to local kindergartens and schools, but those who managed to live in the Kherson or Zaporizhzhya regions did not like the move to the “LNR” at all. However, this does not prevent them from calling their new classmates and classmates “Khokhlov” and talking about the “greatness of the Russian nation”, in which they are allegedly involved.

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