Calculate the possibilities: Russia can prepare a nuclear strike, but not on Ukraine


Possibilities are being calculated: Russia may prepare a nuclear strike, but not on Ukraine

According to international investigators, Vladimir Putin has not abandoned the idea of ​​using nuclear weapons. At the same time, the Russian dictator may consider Ukraine as a target.

The head of the aggressor country may indeed consider such a possibility. Ivan Stupak, a former SBU officer and expert at the Ukrainian Institute for the Future, expressed this opinion to Channel 24.

Christo Grozev, a journalist from the independent international intelligence community Bellingcat, reported that Putin is quite seriously ready to launch a nuclear strike in Poland.

The Russians are calculating the possibilities for a nuclear strike

Grozev is convinced that the Russian dictator will do this if he has no choice left. As Stupak noted, the possibility of Putin taking such a step cannot be completely ruled out.

The use of nuclear weapons against a third country, and not against Ukraine, is quite possible. But it won't be successful here. Although the Russians are calculating such possibilities (of a nuclear strike – Channel 24), the ex-SBU employee said.

At the same time, Stupak believes that the Kremlin is unlikely to dare to put its plan into practice.

Why the Kremlin stopped nuclear blackmail

He recalled that at some point Vladimir Putin and his subordinate Dmitry Medvedev stopped nuclear blackmail.

According to the Financial Times, this happened after US politicians talked to China. Beijing, in turn, informed Russia that it was time to stop nuclear blackmail.

In exchange for this, Western countries supposedly promised that they would not supply Ukraine with aviation. If so, then such bargaining is acceptable. If nuclear war and the end of the world are removed from the agenda, and the price of this is that Ukraine will not receive planes, so be it,” Stupak said.

An expert from the Ukrainian Institute for the Future emphasized that in addition to planes, there are many other effective means by which you can destroy the enemy.

“The state of Russia's nuclear potential is unknown”

According to Stupak, in general, the question arises of the state of Russian nuclear weapons and whether they exist at all .

Radioactive elements contained in nuclear weapons must be constantly updated. You can't build a nuclear missile, let's say the Sarmat, stuff it into a mine and just store it there. She needs care, – said the ex-SBU officer.

According to him, for example, Americans spend $7,000 an hour to maintain their nuclear potential in good condition. We are talking about paying people who take care of missile silos, constant repairs and support of various communications.

“There have even been cases when the US government turned to the companies that manufacture certain equipment installed in these silos, asking them to again make this equipment because it cannot be replaced by anything else,” Stupak said.

He noted that it is not known whether the Russians are doing anything to preserve their nuclear potential.

Is Putin ready to use nuclear weapons

An expert from the Ukrainian Institute for the Future believes that, despite the love of nuclear threats, the Russian dictator is unlikely to take practical action.

“Putin is a man who loves a luxurious life very much. Just like his environment,” Stupak said.

He added that representatives of the Russian elites greatly appreciate their huge accounts, real estate abroad, yachts and villas. from all this and burn in a nuclear war for the sake of Ukraine,” Stupak said.

Russian Nuclear Threats: Briefly

  • Deputy Chairman of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev again began to scare the world with nuclear weapons if Russia loses the war against Ukraine Political scientist Taras Zagorodniy noted that such threats are only intimidation, since Russia has nothing else to scare.
  • Also, the self-proclaimed leader of Chechnya spoke about a nuclear strike Ramzan Kadyrov. He stated that the Kremlin may decide that it is necessary to press the “red button”.
  • Russian propagandists began to threaten the use of nuclear weapons against Britain for helping Ukraine. However, for some reason, propagandists forget that the West's response will be immediate and harsh.

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