Called “Nazis” and taken to an unknown destination: in the Kherson region, the invaders kidnapped the spouses


They called them

In the occupied territory of the Kherson region, the Russian military abducted the spouses. Aggressor troops accuse people of “Nazism”.

Spouses accused of pro-Ukrainian position

Spouses disappeared in Novaya Mayachka village near Novaya Kakhovka. According to preliminary information, Russian servicemen abducted a man and a woman for their pro-Ukrainian position.

It is reported that the invaders accuse the spouses of “being in a group of Nazis.” The whereabouts of the spouses are currently unknown.

Russians are kidnapping Ukrainians in the occupied territories

Occupants are kidnapping Ukrainian civilians, soldiers, veterans, and so on. The Institute for the Study of War claims that Russia is taking Ukrainian children to its territory. After that, the children are given to new families, bred with real parents.

Representative of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Oleg Nikolenko stressed that a thousand little Ukrainians are in Siberia. And, he stressed, this is a violation of both the Geneva Convention and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

In early August, Russian infidels kidnapped the director of the Gavrilov school in the Kherson region, Tatyana Tkachenko. Deputy of the Kherson Regional Council Sergey Khlan explained that the Russians are exerting insane pressure primarily on the directors of educational institutions, because it seems that they should organize the transition to Russian curricula.

It is important to note that Russia is in the temporarily occupied territories Ukraine has deployed more than 20 filtration camps. There the invaders keep and interrogate Ukrainian prisoners of war and civilians.

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