Came from the outfit and shot himself in the head: the occupiers at the front are no longer psychologically taking out


Came from the outfit and shot himself in the head: the occupiers at the front are no longer psychologically taking out

Russia was unable to realize its blitzkrieg, and every month the moral and psychological state of the occupiers is getting worse. It even leads to suicide.

This case became known from the interception of Ukrainian intelligence. As the occupant himself agrees to the audio recordings, his brothers are shooting, because everything is tired, they are not taken out psychologically.

The commander took care of the family of the suicide

At the same time, he told his interlocutor in a telephone conversation that on the territory of Ukraine, this is how the invaders live their lives.

Yes, we live our lives. Someone is shooting. The kid has already shot himself in the head. Yes. He came from the outfit, took the machine gun, pissed off his head and that’s all, ”he said.

And although the suicide did not think about his own family, his commander took care of this, who recorded the death of the occupier as a death in battle. This is because in this case, the relatives of the invader will be able to receive 5 million rubles. At the same time, it is worth noting that, probably, they will have to sweat to get “coffin” money, because everyone knows how mothers and widows are compensated in Russia for the death of their relatives.

For such an act, the Russian occupier called the commander a “good” and “fair man.” However, then it is completely incomprehensible that a “good man” forgot in a foreign country, in which he “takes care” of the families of a foreign people in a completely different way.

Even Russian psychiatrists recommend dying

In early March, it became known that even those who should help people with suicidal thoughts are being pushed to death in Russia. There, a qualified psychiatrist with 15 years of experience, Pavel Beschastnov, advised the guy to “bring Victory Day closer” so as not to die just like that. And this despite the fact that the patient, against the backdrop of the latest upheavals in the world, conceived suicide.

In order not to become “another senseless corpse”, instead of qualified assistance, the “specialist” suggested that the guy go to war in Ukraine. After all, then his client would at least die “for the good of the cause” for the sake of victory.

How the relatives of the liquidated occupiers are supported in Russia

  • On February 17, in the village of Aldan-Maadir, the family of the occupier liquidated in the war in Ukraine was thanked with a pack of dumplings. Note that Valentina Ondar is the mother of three sons, one of whom was destroyed by the defenders of Ukraine. However, another one is still at the front, so Valentina will probably be able to get sour cream for dumplings later.
  • However, not only dumplings. So, in Vladivostok, the wives of Russian invaders who died in Ukraine were presented with sausage sets.
  • On February 23, when the so-called Defender of the Fatherland Day is celebrated in Russia, the authorities of Dagestan decided to please their population with sweets. Thus, the administration of the Sergokalinsky district presented flowers and cakes to the families of the dead occupiers.

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