Can be divided into 3 stages, – Metropolitan on the transition of the churches of the Moscow Patriarchate to the OCU


Can be divided into 3 stages, – Metropolitan on the transition of the churches of the Moscow Patriarchate to the OCU


Ukraine has decided to ban the Russian Orthodox Church. The clergy say that this law is quite tough, but the country also lives in tough conditions.

Metropolitan of Pereyaslavl and Vishnevsky OCU Alexander Drabinko said on the air of Channel 24 that we should not forget that in Ukraine there is a war, blessed by Patriarch Kirill, because he himself is the head of the Moscow Patriarchate.

In his opinion, it is impossible to talk about some kind of pity or harshness of this law, but they will not expel people from churches either .

I would suggest that the UOC-MP declare its withdrawal from the Moscow Patriarchate. This would be logical and well received by our society,” Alexander Drabinko emphasized.

It should be noted that after the draft law on the ban on the ROC was submitted to the Rada, several churches immediately announced their withdrawal from the Moscow Patriarchate and transition to the OCU.

How the churches of the Moscow Patriarchate are moving to the OCU

< p>According to Metropolitan Drabinko, in the process of joining the parishes of the former Moscow Patriarchate to the UOC, there is a certain trend that can be divided into 3 stages:

  • One of them is the so-called “movement of those who do not remember”. These are the dioceses that refused to mention Patriarch Kirill during divine services.
  • The second part is those dioceses that declare their desire to create a local Ukrainian Orthodox Church and complete withdrawal from the Moscow Patriarchate, but are still waiting for the decision of the sacred leadership of the church.
  • The third part is the dioceses that are already withdrawing or have declared about the intention to withdraw from the Moscow Patriarchate. Today, unfortunately, there are not as many such parishes as there should be.

Metropolitan Epiphanius emphasized that today more than 50 churches of the Moscow Patriarchate have actually joined the UOC, and another 100 have declared their intention to do so. Some parishes say they will do it in peacetime, after the victory, – said Alexander Drabinko.

The Metropolitan on the ban on the Moscow Patriarchate, flight into the OCU and faith:

By the way, in Ukraine they plan to completely ban the activities of the Russian Orthodox Church to protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the state. They have even submitted a relevant draft law to the Verkhovna Rada.

What does the draft law on the Russian Orthodox Church provide for: briefly

  • All Church the property of the ROC administration in Ukraine and religious organizations, including the Kyiv Metropolis of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, must be inventoried and nationalized within 48 hours from the date of adoption of the law.
  • At the same time, religious communities , monasteries and religious educational institutions of the Moscow Patriarchate can change their subordination within 14 days.

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