Can the Armed Forces of Ukraine do without Leopard tanks: Zhdanov explained how this will affect the situation at the front


Can the Armed Forces of Ukraine do without Leopard tanks: Zhdanov explained how this will affect the situation on the front

The military-political leadership of Ukraine is striving to get German Leopard 2 tanks. requests from Ukraine and transfer tanks to our military.

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov during his stream said that Ukraine can do without Leopard tanks, informs Channel 24. He also said that Ukraine can get by with a small number of tanks.

Lack of tanks can lead to losses in manpower

But how said Zhdanov, the lack of tanks could lead to additional losses among our infantry.

The tank is the main fire support and cover for the advancing troops on the battlefield. That's what tanks are for, – said the military expert.

Zhdanov is sure that Ukraine will receive tanks from partners

Oleg Zhdanov believes that Ukraine will receive American Abrams tanks, as well as French Leclerc. Moreover, the military expert noted that Cyprus could transfer the upgraded Soviet T-80 tanks to Ukraine.

He stressed that Cyprus was ready to provide Ukraine with 80 tanks if they were supplied with German Leopards in exchange.

In the end, Zhdanov does not believe that Germany will continue to prevent the supply of Leopard to Ukraine from other countries. According to him, in the coming weeks, Germany will allow the re-export of its tanks.

Ukraine has not yet received Leopard tanks

  • On January 20, a meeting was held in Germany in the Rammstein format, where Ukraine's allies discussed the transfer of tanks. Leopard tanks were one of the main topics, but the allies did not reach an agreement.
  • The head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, said that Germany had not made a decision on tanks at Ramstein.
  • It is known that Poland decided to transfer a company of Leopard tanks to Ukraine. However, Warsaw is still forced to wait for Berlin's consent.
  • German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock, who supports military assistance to Ukraine, said that Germany will not interfere with Poland's decision to transfer Leopard 2 without their approval.
  • January 23, Poland officially requested Germany's approval for the supply of Leopard-2 tanks to Ukraine.

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