Can Ukraine shoot down all Russian missiles and what air defense systems are promised to us by other countries


Can Ukraine shoot down all Russian missiles and what air defense systems are promised to us by other countries

For the second day in a row, the Russians have launched massive missile attacks on Ukraine. The Ukrainian air defense forces are destroying most of the Russian missiles.

This Channel 24 was told by Air Force speaker Yuriy Ignat. According to him, despite the successful destruction of hostile air targets, Ukrainian air defense lacks the capacity.

How Ukrainian air defense forces work

After all, to cover a territory of Ukraine with available air defense means is not so easy.

Therefore, both aviation and mobile fire groups are working on MANPADS not only of the Air Force, but also of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and all defense forces, including the National Guard, – Ignat said.

He added that Ukrainian defenders are rallying to counteract missile shelling with all available means.

Ukraine may receive the German IRIS-T system

In the near future, Ukraine has the prospect of strengthening its air defense. In particular, Germany is transferring IRIS-T air defense systems to Ukraine.

This is a very cool weapon. Ukraine will be the first to receive a new generation IRIS-T with a powerful radar and missiles. One installation has 8 charged missiles at once, – the speaker of the Air Force said.

He added that, unfortunately, we are talking only about the transfer of one battery, which includes 3 installations .

“This system was recently developed, it is the only one. They are nowhere else,” Ignat noted.

Advantages of NASAMS SAMs

Ukraine can also receive NASAMS anti-aircraft missile systems. As Ignat said, this is a powerful Norwegian complex, which is in service with 12 countries of the world.

So far, the Norwegian manufacturer is talking about 2 batteries that he can provide us with. American AIM-120 AMRAAM missiles are heading towards it, which the United States can give us,” the Air Force speaker said.

Prospects for updating Ukrainian air defense

According to him, systems IRIS-T and NASAMS will complement Ukraine's existing air defense system . And in the future, thanks to military assistance from partners, it will be possible to replace old Soviet models with new weapons.

An even bigger prospect is the latest generation Patriot, which everyone wants to have. Such installations allow you to qualitatively destroy the enemy at a great distance. Ignat noted.

How many Western systems does Ukraine need

Even when Ukraine receives Western air defense systems, their number will not allow 100% coverage of the entire territory of our country. Ukraine needs many more of these systems than they are currently promised.

IRIS-T and NASAMS are anti-aircraft missile systems whose launchers can strike at a distance of up to 40 kilometers . These are medium-range complexes. If it were a Patriot, it would cover a distance of up to 150 kilometers or more,” the Air Force spokesman said.

Western air defense systems work in a single information field

He added that IRIS-T, NASAMS and Patriot are able to work in a single information field.

That is, if the NASAMS installation team sees up to 5 – 10 or even more air targets on the radar, then this information is instantly transmitted to other means of anti-aircraft missile systems. They will all see a single information picture and will effectively destroy these targets,” Ignat explained.

The Air Force speaker noted that even the latest Russian S-400 systems do not have such a function.

“When we have such Western installations, this our air defense will be head and shoulders above the Russian one

strong> “, he said.

How US HARM missiles help Ukraine

Now Ukraine uses US HARM missiles to help hit Russian radar stations . The enemy also has analogues of such weapons.

Russia has Kh-31P, Kh-58 Soviet anti-radar missiles that can hit our radars. However, we have certain means of counteracting these missiles,” Ignat noted.

The Air Force Speaker added that HARM missiles, which Ukrainian fighters strike almost every day, significantly “thinned” the ranks of Russian air defense< /strong> .

How Ukrainian air defense forces prevent enemy strikes: in short

  • Ukrainian air defense forces effectively destroy Russian missiles and aircraft , which attack Ukraine. On the morning of October 11, our military shot down 18 Russian cruise missiles.
  • On October 10, Russia launched a massive missile attack on Ukraine. The Russians fired 84 missiles at Ukrainian cities. 43 of them were neutralized by air defense.
  • Russia is attacking Ukrainian cities with Iranian kamikaze drones. Ukrainian air defense successfully shoots them down over the sea near Odessa.

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