Can Ukraine use GLSDB missiles to liberate Crimea: Pentagon position


Can Ukraine use GLSDB missiles to liberate Crimea: Pentagon position

The United States will send GLSDB missiles to Ukraine for the first time. These are ground-based small diameter bombs with a range of 150 kilometers.

The Pentagon has already commented on the possible use of these missiles to liberate the temporarily occupied Crimea. This is reported by Channel 24.

Pentagon Press Secretary Patrick Ryder stressed at the briefing that Ukraine decides for itself which operations to carry out to liberate its territories.

He also noted that the small-diameter GLSDB missiles are ground-based. This gives them the ability to have a greater range and the ability to fire at a great distance. Such weapons, according to Ryder, will allow the Ukrainian army to carry out operations both to defend the country and to return the territories temporarily occupied by Russia.

When it comes to Ukrainian plans of operations, it is obvious that it is their decision. I'm not going to talk or make assumptions about possible upcoming operations, but again, all this time we have been working with them to provide them with capabilities that will allow them to be effective on the battlefield, Ryder emphasized.

What is known about GLSDB missiles

  • GLSDB can be launched from rocket launchers such as the HIMARS system already in Ukraine.
  • It is equipped with wings to fly towards the target, and a rocket engine that provides additional flight range. This allows the bomb to be accurately aimed at the target, as if launched from an aircraft, without risk to the military and at a lower cost.
  • GLSDB also has advanced tracking systems that make it more accurate.
  • Claimed accuracy is up to tire width.

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