Canada announces $47 million aid package to Ukraine


Canada announces $47 million aid package for Ukraine

Ukraine will receive a new Canadian military aid package. It will amount to $47 million.

Canada announces new military aid to Ukraine

The aid package will include winter clothing and equipment , artillery shells and communication technology. This was announced by Canadian Defense Minister Anita Anand at NATO Headquarters in Brussels.

The new Canadian military assistance package includes mainly non-lethal equipment, namely 500,000 pieces of winter military clothing, which Ottawa specializes in.< /p>

We know winter is coming. And Canada has a special experience in winter clothing and combat. And we will donate these clothes in the coming weeks,” Anand said ahead of the NATO ministerial meeting in Brussels.

Also, $15.2 million worth of artillery shells will be sent to Kyiv as part of a new aid package. They will also provide $2 million for satellite communications.

What preceded this

At the end of summer, Defense Minister Alexei Reznikov turned to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg with a request to urgently provide winter equipment for the needs The Armed Forces of Ukraine, in particular, spoke about winter uniforms for 200,000 soldiers.

After that, it became known that Denmark, Lithuania and a number of other members of the Alliance would help Ukraine with winter military uniforms.

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