Canada became the first country to send money to Ukraine's administrative account in the IMF


Canada became the first country to send money to Ukraine's administrative account in the IMF

Canada sent money to Ukraine's administrative account in the IMF/Channel 24 Collage

Canada was the first to send money to the Ukrainian administrative account at the International Monetary Fund. This is a billion Canadian dollars.

Vladimir Zelensky said this in a traditional video message. The President thanked the Government of Canada for this decision.

Ukraine received another 1.5 billion

In addition, Zelensky said that the day before our state received 1.5 billion US dollars:

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  • a billion from the World Bank
  • another 500 million from the UK.
  • This is direct budgetary support. According to the president, Ukraine uses this money to pay salaries in the public sector.

    Pay attention!The IMF Administrative Account was created in April. It is designed to transfer donor resources in the form of grants and loans to help Ukraine. This is an important support for our state during the war, helping to stabilize the economy.

    Support from Canada: latest news

    • Even at the end of May, Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmihal announced that Canada would provide us with almost 800 million dollars. This is a large amount, since the state has already allocated about $400 million to Ukraine.
    • On June 8, Canada announced new sanctions against Russia. They introduced a ban on the export of 28 services necessary for the functioning of the oil, gas and chemical industries. This includes technical, managerial, accounting and advertising services.
    • The country has also imposed personal anti-Russian sanctions. The list includes 22 citizens of the aggressor state. Among them is former gymnast and MP Alina Kabayeva, who is likely to be Putin's mistress. Also on the sanctions list were officials of Russian financial institutions, their families and key financial institutions and banks.
    • Canada also supports Ukrainian refugees. Our citizens who were forced to go there because of the war will be able to apply for government financial assistance, which will amount to 3 thousand dollars.
    • Defensive support is also available. For example, Canada bought Ukraine 20,000 artillery shells for donated M777 howitzers.

    It may be of interest – the General Staff showed a video of how Canada sends weapons to Ukraine:

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