Canada imposed new sanctions against Russians and banned the sale of luxury goods


Canada imposed new sanctions against Russians and banned the trade in luxury goods

Canada imposed new sanctions against Russia/Channel 24 Collage

Canada has imposed another anti-Russian sanctions due to the full-scale invasion of the aggressor state in Ukraine. The restrictions apply to Russian oligarchs, as well as the import and export of luxury goods.

This was reported by the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The government introduces new restrictions under the Regulation of special economic sanctions against Russia.

Sanctions against oligarchs and their families

The new sanctions impose restrictions on 14 people, including Russian oligarchs, their families and close associates of the Putin regime. It is noted that those who fell under them directly contributed to the senseless war of Vladimir Putin in Ukraine and are responsible for the suffering of our people.

Putin's regime must and will be held accountable for its unjustified acts. Canada, along with its allies, will constantly maintain pressure on the Russian regime until it can no longer wage war. We are unwavering in our support for Ukraine and its people,” the minister said Foreign Affairs Melanie Jolie.

Luxury trade ban

The new package of Canadian sanctions also prohibits the export of luxury goods to Russia and their import from the aggressor state.

In particular, the Canadian government prohibits the export to Russia of:

  • alcoholic beverages;< /li>
  • tobacco;
  • textiles;
  • sportswear;
  • shoes;
  • luxury apparel and accessories;< /li>
  • jewelry;
  • kitchenware;
  • art.

In addition, Canada prohibits the import of:

  • alcoholic beverages;
  • seafood;
  • fish;
  • < li>non-industrial diamonds.

According to information, in 2021, all these categories together represented goods worth $75.7 million. In addition, the Canadian government is imposing a ban on the export of goods that can be used in Russia in the production of weapons.

Canada will put pressure on the Russian regime

“Such measures will help further pressure the Russian regime to stop its unjustified invasion of Ukraine. Canada will continue to work with its partners in the international community to support the Ukrainian people as they fight for their sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence. , the government said in a statement.

Sanctions against Russia: the latest

  • Hungarian energy group MOL plans to begin modernization. the engineers were told to prepare for the future of no more Russian oil in the system.
  • The UK has imposed new sanctions on several airlines from Russia, and now they cannot sell their slots at airports in this country.< /li>
  • Australia has imposed new sanctions against Russian propagandists and officials – restrictions apply to 11 people and 12 organizations. Welcome Ilya Kiva.

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