Canada recommends its citizens to leave Belarus and Russia


Canada recommends its citizens to leave Belarus and Russia

A number of leading countries of the world recommend their citizens to leave Belarus and Russia. Canada has recently joined them.

The country's government strongly recommends its citizens to leave Belarus and Russia. Canadians are urged not to go there “because of the risk of arbitrary application of local laws and armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine.” class=”bloquote cke-markup”>The ability of the Canadian Embassy in Poland to provide consular services in Belarus and Russia is very limited, the message says.

Canadian citizens are advised to leave Belarus by commercial transport.

It should be noted that the United States also made a similar decision regarding its citizens in Russia. The embassy recalled that on September 21, the Russian government began to mobilize citizens into the armed forces.

Consequently, they note that Russia may refuse to recognize US citizenship in relation to persons with dual citizenship, deny them access to US consular assistance , prevent them from leaving Russia and call up citizens with dual citizenship for military service.

Moreover, France also called on its citizens not to visit Belarus. The French Foreign Ministry noted that due to the armed offensive that began in Ukraine and the closure of Belarusian airspace, all trips to Belarus are officially not recommended.

The ministry added that, if necessary, passengers arriving by air should apply for an exit a visa to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus.

Media reports that Brazil also calls on its citizens to immediately leave Belarus and Russia, but there is no official confirmation of this information yet.

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