Canada will provide Ukraine with AIM-9 missiles to protect the sky


Canada will provide Ukraine with AIM-9 missiles to protect the skies

Canada has allocated a new military aid package to Ukraine. Our state will receive AIM-9 short-range anti-aircraft missiles.

This was announced by Canadian Defense Minister Anita Anand. The Ukrainian government will provide Ukraine with 43 air-to-air missiles free of charge. This will help strengthen the defense of our skies from Russian attacks.

What else Canada will provide to Ukraine

Anita Anand noted that the country allocates new military assistance after next meeting in the Ramstein format. In addition, the minister stressed that all deliveries of small arms are on schedule.

In particular, in the near future Ukraine will receive 1 million 5.56 mm rounds of ammunition and 4,800 assault rifles. By summer, all 21,000 small arms and 2.4 million ammunition are expected to be in Ukraine. Also, our country has already received machine guns, machine guns, cleaning kits and magazines.

Canada's support for Ukraine is unwavering. When I travel in Canada, I see Ukrainian flags on houses, small businesses and cars. Canadians understand that Ukraine's struggle is also a struggle for sovereignty, freedom and independence. In today's productive meeting, we discussed Ukraine's most pressing defense priorities, and I reaffirmed that Canada will be there to support Ukraine in the short and long term. – Anand emphasized.

Canada is also expanding its presence in Poland as part of Operation UNIFIER – 5 additional Canadian Forces medical instructors will join the 7 instructors already involved in the medical skills development program for military personnel.< /p>

Spain will provide additional tanks to Ukraine

During the Ramstein-12 meeting, Spanish Defense Minister Margarita Robles spoke about the current status of arms supplies carried out by Madrid, stressing that her country will transfer more 4 main battle tanks Leopard 2A4 and a batch of M113 armored personnel carriers.

In addition, the head of the Ministry of Defense noted good progress in the training of the Ukrainian military in Spain and summed up that 1,500 Ukrainian military have already been trained in the country.

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