Damir Canadi

The pressure on Didi Kühbauer is growing. After the 2-0 defeat at Red Bull Salzburg, Rapid Vienna is already four games without a win across all competitions.

Ninth place in the Bundesliga, only eight points from eight games and already 16 points behind table leaders Salzburg – the green and white start of the season went wrong. It goes without saying that the criticism of the 50-year-old Rapid coach is growing. Even if the Hütteldorfer convinced with recently strong fighting performances against Genk and the Mozartstädter.

Damir Canadi is someone who knows how the mechanisms work in western Vienna. The Altach coach was the coach of the Hütteldorfer from November 2016 to April 2017, only got three wins in 17 games and was dismissed. “The pressure is immense,” said Canadi on the “Sky” show “Talk and Tore”.

Canadi has compassion for Kühbauer. “I know how difficult it is for him. I know how difficult it is to work at Rapid. It does something to you. That's why I have a certain understanding for him,” said the 51-year-old.

The biggest problem in the west of Vienna is the high expectations. Also on the part of the fans. “Last season it was maybe a little easier without a spectator. The spectators have a lot of pressure on the club, the expectations are high, sometimes too great. I think those responsible also know that themselves. But internally you push a lot of pressure on the coach, “continued Canadi. “But last season you could work in peace, you didn't have to justify yourself to the fans. That also does something to the players if they don't perform, don't deliver the results you expect from them. You have to learn that”, the Altach coach explained the green and white situation.

“It's a great club. If there are fans in the stadium, it might be the best club in Europe. The stadium is a cauldron. That makes the expectation high. And you don't live up to it,” Canadi explained with a view to the fans . The 50-year-old had once lost the favor of the green and white appendix and was only able to stay in the Rapid executive chair for six months.

However, there is still calm in Hütteldorf. Canadi is convinced that this is also due to sports director Zoran Barisic. “He's a tremendous help for Didi, brings calm. Hats off to how he tamed this club.” Will it remain calm? On Thursday, Grün-Weiß will appear in the second round of the ÖFB Cup at Admira. An ascent is a must …

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