Can't be fired: is Reznikov's resignation beneficial for Ukraine?


Sacking cannot be left: is Reznikov's resignation beneficial for Ukraine

Defense Minister Alexei Reznikov must resign. Does it aggravate or weaken our positions during the war? In my opinion, it weakens.

Reznikov's resignation plays into the hands of Russia

Reznikov built relationships with leading people who approved of the decision. And this is important.

For the task of the Minister of Defense now is exclusively to provide for the army. Do not sit in the trenches, but sit in the meeting rooms and negotiate, negotiate and negotiate. Any new person must, at least in part, build these relationships from scratch.

No need to roll your eyes and say that personal relationships are not important. No, they are very important. They affect the speed of approval of decisions. And not only. Fortunately, Kirill Budanov was already among the people whom the Western world trusted and contacted. It is bad that there will be fewer such people.

It is bad that Russian propagandists will start dispersing the thesis that the Minister of Defense, who was given weapons by Western governments, left because of corruption. So, a corrupt official, and the money of Western taxpayers is in danger. And this is at a time when we are critically dependent on the supply of weapons, and hence on the decisions of the politicians of the United States, Germany, and France. Politicians who want to please their voters and win the next election.

And for what? Will it reduce the level of corruption in the ministry? Or is it reminiscent of the burning of a courtesan at the stake of the Inquisition to stop the plague?

It is clear that we lose because of this resignation. But what will we get? It sounds a bit cynical, but in times of war, rationality and efficiency must come first. Will this reduce the level of corruption in the Ministry of Defense and the state as a whole?

Was there corruption in the Ministry of Defense? Of course it was. Did anyone doubt this a month ago? Half a year ago? Hardly. But then no one demanded the resignation of the minister. Why? Maybe because it is unlikely that corruption in the Ministry of Defense is connected with the figure of the minister. So, his resignation will not change anything. She could strengthen us during the war if corruption schemes followed with the minister. But that won't happen.

What is the main task of the minister during the war

Can the minister be blamed for not fighting corruption? Theoretically possible. But was his main task now, during the war? Hardly. Is it possible during the war to fight corruption, which is a systemic shortcoming in the ministry, and not lose control over the ministry? Doubtful.

Do these doubts mean that during the war you can steal and do not need to fight corruption? Not at all. Necessary. But it is corruption that needs to be fought, and the fight against Reznikov is a slightly different story. In which, it seems, there are quite a lot of personal grievances.

Reznikov made a compromise with corruption

Is Reznikov to blame for compromising with corruption and close your eyes to it? Yes, it's a compromise. Corrupt compromise. And it's disgusting. But the reality is that there are such compromises. Moreover, the active part of society also made this compromise from the beginning of the war.

Will the minister's resignation change this compromise among officials? Absolutely not. Therefore, the resignation itself seems destructive. It brings with it an indulgence, not an increase. It does not systematically solve the problem of corruption.

It turns out that the Minister of Defense will leave during the war due to unsuccessful communication regarding corruption in his department. In peacetime, this would be true. During the war, if it were said, for example, about the Ministry of Education, this would also be correct. But is it right during the war for the Ministry of Defense?

The Minister of Defense lost his post because he did not react correctly to the scandal about his subordinates who stole eggs. And is this a normal price for the resignation of a minister during the war? A resignation that will definitely affect our defenses. Is this a normal price for other officials to learn this lesson? Or, when an air raid alert goes off, is it better for the students to go to the bomb shelter, even if the teacher didn't have time to point out their mistakes in their homework?

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