Captured Russian pilot admitted that he deliberately shot a civilian in the Chernihiv region


A captured Russian pilot confessed that he deliberately shot a civilian in the Chernihiv region

A captured Russian pilot admitted that he intentionally killed a civilian/Screenshot from the video

Russian SU-34 pilot Alexander Krasnoyartsev admitted that he killed a Ukrainian civilian while trying to escape after ejecting. The invader was shot down and taken prisoner in the vicinity of Chernigov on March 5.

The Ukrainian seemed to be chasing an orc with a pitchfork. The captive Krasnoyartsev spoke about this during an interview with Ukrainian blogger Vladimir Zolkin.Ukrainian forces with MANPADS shot down Krasnoyartsev on March 5 over the Zabarovka microdistrict in the vicinity of Chernigov, when he for the third time flew into the airspace of sovereign Ukraine since the beginning of a full-scale invasion.

According to the detained occupier, before that, he flew out and bombed the airport in the Kiev region, as well as roads south of Chernigov. He swears that he did not seem to know that he was shooting at civilians.

The occupant's downed plane smashed private houses in the Chernihiv region, Krasnoyartsev ejected and landed on the roof of the house. Behind the fence, according to the prisoner, people were standing and shouting: “Russian, come out!”, – then he decided to run and hide in a barn next door.

A man ran after me, trying to catch up with me. I don't know, with pitchforks or something. I used the weapon. Those actions that are up to automatism, that you need to shoot back, run, hide. Such a state. Then he reproached himself repeatedly,
– Krasnoyartsev cries in an interview.

According to the captive Russian pilot, he shot several times in a civilian from a Makarov pistol. I saw it fall. Subsequently, the occupier was informed that the man had died.

Interview with a Russian captive pilot, in which he confesses to killing a civilian: watch the video

By the way, the head of the Chernihiv Regional Prosecutor's Office, Sergei Vasilina, said that a criminal case was initiated against Krasnoyartsev under the article on violation of the laws and customs of war.

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    Well I have seen this guys face before…the link above is very interesting, it shows this guys capture and description of “While transporting the injured POW, Ukrainian soldiers filmed themselves calling the prisoner’s girlfriend and telling her that he will be castrated.”

    I do believe this also violate the laws and customs of war…there are no good guys in a conflict.

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