Captured Ukrainian boat spotted near Zmeiny Island: there may be provocations


A captured Ukrainian boat was spotted near Serpentine Island: there may be provocations

One ​​was spotted near Serpentine Island from small armored artillery boats of the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The invaders captured him in Berdyansk at the beginning of the invasion.

In all likelihood, the enemy will try to use the Ukrainian boat in their provocations. This was warned in the Operational Command “South”

What provocations can be

Provocations can look like shelling of foreign civilian ships, coastal regions of Ukraine or other states of the Black Sea region.

In addition, the invaders continue to conduct aerial reconnaissance. They want to reveal our positions and methods of counteraction along the coast of Odessa and Nikolaev regions. In the meantime, our defenders in the South liquidated 20 Russian military personnel in just a day, destroyed 2 enemy self-propelled gun mounts and one anti-aircraft, as well as automotive equipment.

The OK added that the naval grouping of enemy forces in the Black Sea has not changed, infidels continue to block shipping and ports. They also recalled that the threats of missile strikes and amphibious landings do not lose their relevance. People should be vigilant and in no case ignore air raid signals.

What is happening on Zmeiny Island

Snake Island is strategically important for Russia. The head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, Kirill Budanov, explained that the island gives control over all trade routes on the territory of Ukraine. It also simplifies the landing of the invaders' amphibious assault.

Therefore, the Russians are building up their forces on Serpentine. They installed various air defense systems to thwart attacks from the APU from the air and electronic warfare systems. In addition, the surface fleet was concentrated on the island.

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