Cause of COVID-19 complications in young patients revealed

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Cause of COVID-19 complications in young patients revealed

An immune disease, in which antibodies that block interferon appear in the blood, can complicate the course of COVID-19 pneumonia in young people. This conclusion was made by scientists from the University of Bergen in Norway, reports the News Medical portal.

The subject of their study was antibodies in the blood of people, which interfere with the ability of the immune system to respond to the spread of the virus throughout the body. They wondered why some people at a young age, as well as people who do not have health risk factors, can become seriously and seriously ill with coronavirus infection.

Experts found that ten percent of patients with severe COVID-19 had antibodies in their blood that block interferons – proteins that are secreted by the body's cells in response to a viral infection and fight it.

The scientists added that a person may often be unaware of the presence of such an immune problem. “This is a very interesting finding, it can be clinically significant,” concluded Professor Eystein Husebye.

Earlier research by American scientists showed that a lack of interferon may be of decisive importance in a severe course of the disease. In some patients with severe COVID-19, the interferon response was impaired “due to genetic abnormalities or due to unwanted antibodies” that attack interferon. It also turned out that 94 percent of patients whose antibodies attacked interferon are men. This explains the more frequent cases of severe disease among men.

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