Caused damage to Ukraine for 30 million dollars: ex-Minister Pivovarsky made bail


Caused damage to Ukraine for 30 million dollars: ex-Minister Pivovarsky made bail

Ex-Minister of Infrastructure Andrei Pivovarsky was informed of suspicion of abuse of power. Now it became known that a bail of almost 10 million hryvnia was made for him.

Note that Andrei Pivovarsky reported suspicion of abuse of power and official position. It is known that his actions caused more than $30 million in losses to Ukraine.

Pivovarsky has already paid bail

The ex-minister announced this on his Facebook. He noted that bail had already been posted and that the court had confirmed receipt of the amount. Pivovarsky also thanked everyone who helped this, phoned and wrote, and also offered help.

Your words of support, backed up by actions (meaning instant bail), give you the strength to defend your own rightness in the future. Perhaps in this life I still do the right things! he added.

Note that Pivovarsky was chosen a measure of restraint during the meeting on March 16. Then VAKS called the amount of 9,997,900 hryvnia. He paid this amount on the evening of March 17.

According to the court decision, the ex-minister is also obliged to arrive at law enforcement agencies on demand until May 16. He must also report a change in place of residence and work. In addition, Pivovarsky does not have the opportunity to leave the Kyiv region. And he is also forbidden to communicate with witnesses in the case.

What is known about the suspicion for Pivovarsky

  • These investigations show that in 2015 the former officials issued an order. According to it, private companies could charge half the ship dues rate from ships in the Yuzhny seaport.
  • The Anti-Corruption Bureau noted that the corresponding order was not focused on reforms. Its purpose is to satisfy the interests of private companies. What happened and caused considerable damage to our state.
  • NABU and SAPO employees stressed that they were conducting a study of the actions of officials. They were only interested in one thing: whether they observed the letters of the law.

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