Causes only delight, – the captured Wagnerian struck with his revelation about Bandera


Causes only delight, - the captured Wagnerian struck with his revelation about Bandera

Ukrainian soldiers near Bakhmut captured a mercenary from PMC “Wagner”, who was recruited from prison. During the interrogation, the invader impressed with his delight the OUN conductor Stepan Bandera.

53-year-old Ruslan Mezentsev from the Kemerovo region was taken prisoner by soldiers of the 2nd assault battalion of the 3rd separate assault brigade. The mercenary was convicted of drugs and served 9 of his 13 years in prison. “Putin's cook” Yevgeny Prigozhin recruited him to take part in the hostilities against Ukraine. Our soldiers exclusively shared footage of the interrogation of the Wagnerian with Channel 24 .

“Bandera is handsome”

The captive called Bandera “handsome”, because he was one of the first to create a movement for the independence of the Ukrainian people, he was a highly educated man of culture, knew several languages, came from a decent family, and the front line constantly passed through his native village, because the Poles wanted to appropriate those lands , Germans and Bolsheviks.

Of course, the prisoner has gaps in his knowledge of the biography of Stepan Andreevich, but still, against the background of other Russians, this is a significant progress. Mezentsev got a little confused and said that Bandera founded the OUN and the UPA, although this is not so. During his stay in Ukraine, he has an exceptional chance to improve his knowledge.

Mezentsev also mentioned the life sentences imposed on Bandera by the Polish court and that he was released from prison after the Polish attack. The prisoner also knows that Bandera agreed to work with Germany only upon recognition of independent Ukraine, but already in July 1941 he ended up in a concentration camp. According to him, in Russia, Bandera's stay in concentration camps was never mentioned. However, the Russians are told about how Bandera led divisions and brigades that fought on the side of Germany, although he could not physically do this. But what can I say, when there are those in Russia who still believe that Bandera is alive.

Mezentsev also knows how Bandera was killed by a potassium cyanide shot in the face of his house in Germany.

A captive Wagnerian is fond of Bandera: watch the video

The Russians are hunting for Bandera

Father Vasily Vyrozub from Odessa was one of three priests on board the Sapphire rescue boat, which on February 25, 2022, went to Serpent's Island, as it was then believed, the body of the dead border guards. However, the Russians, who promised a humanitarian corridor, violated the agreement and captured the boat and the entire crew.

After that, everyone was sent first to the temporarily occupied Crimea. The priest said that he was quite seriously asked if he had any information about the whereabouts of Stepan Bandera.

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