“Cease to exist”: the expert suggested what awaits Russia if it does not stop


Vladimir Putin/Photo from open sources

Russia continues to threaten the world and wage aggressive war. This may lead to the fact that it will cease to exist altogether or it will be substantially demilitarized.

This opinion was expressed by the head of the Center for Military Legal Research Oleksandr Musiyenko on the air of Channel 24.

According to him, Ukraine has the role of becoming a state with which Russia, as a state, risks waging almost the last war.


“Because what Putin and his war machine are doing now will play a cruel jokeand will lead to the fact that there will be serious opposition in army circles, and may lead to the fact that Russia will cease to exist as an empire,” Musienko stressed.

The expert says that the international community has also already done conclusions that Russia is a monster that threatens everyone and wages aggressive wars. which threatens everyone. It should be, at a minimum, either with reduced nuclear arsenals, or substantially demilitarized,” Musienko said.

In his opinion, Russia may exist, but not within the borders that exist “And these battles lost by Russia in Ukraine are a kind of reason for the phenomena that I described,” the expert added.

By the way, the Russian invader left a dying message brother, called him about not going to war in Ukraine, because then there will be no chance to return home alive. The SBU found a voice message on the phone of the deceased occupier.

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