Celebrated the anniversary of the commander: how the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed 100 invaders near Energodar


The anniversary of the commander was celebrated: how the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed 100 invaders near Energodar

< p _ngcontent-sc147="" class="news-annotation">December 27th was a difficult day on the Zaporozhye Front. All because of the rain, which poured all day and interfered with our defenders.

Reporter from Zaporizhia on the air Channel 24spoke about the words of the military. They reported that it was impossible to drive and walk. “It was the wettest day of my life,” said one of the defenders.

Of course, you can't run much in such conditions, because after 5 minutes mud weighing 5-10 kilograms will stick to each boot. However, the rain does not interfere with the work of the Ukrainian artillery, which already has a whole list of successful experiences.

We know and the General Staff confirms that in the village of Novobelozerka, not far from Energodar, the Ossetians wanted to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their commander. A lot of people gathered and not only Ossetians knew about it,” the correspondent said.

“At this celebration, up to 100 invaders were killed and wounded. Moreover, 15 of them are FSB officers. As the Russians say, “it’s beautiful took a walk,” the correspondent added.

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