Cells in the Philharmonic of Mariupol: Feygin considers the public execution of Ukrainians unprofitable for the Kremlin


Cells in the Mariupol Philharmonic: Feygin considers public execution of Ukrainians unprofitable for the Kremlin

Public execution of Ukrainian soldiers is unprofitable for the Kremlin/Channel 24 collage

occupiers are preparing a so-called “tribunal” for the defenders of Mariupol. They plan to hold a public execution in the Mariupol Philharmonic.


Whether the Russians will resort to such a cynical war crime is difficult to predict. However, Russian human rights activist Mark Feygin is sure that this is not beneficial for the Kremlin.

it is unprofitable for the Russians

Feygin believes that the occupiers are unlikely to dare to publicly murder Ukrainian prisoners of war. To do this, you can choose another method, as was the case in the village of Olenovka.

Public executions by sentence are unprofitable for them … It turns out that in order to kill, you can simply pretend that some kind of rocket has arrived . And say, “See, what a disaster. It's not us.” And that's it, – Feigin said.

In this case, the Russians will try to avoid responsibility and accuse the Armed Forces of Ukraine of the crime. This is not the first time they use this tactic.

We need to feed propaganda

“Why annoy everyone? It is important to feed propaganda so that it feeds the internal audience in Russia. They demand to punish the Nazis – that's the process is open to you with cells. And the methods of implementation may be different,” says the human rights activist.

According to him, people need a sense of blood. “They can always be told: 'Why are you 'boiling'' So we condemned some, while others lost 50 people in one day? What do not you like? You asked – we did,” Feygin explained.

The consequences can be serious

According to Feygin, the “sentence” will not be carried out publicly. There will probably be exchanges, especially foreign military.

If they go down this path (public execution – channel 24), it is fraught with consequences that they want to avoid. On the contrary, they want to demonstrate humanism, something else. I think that they need a picture, it is more important than the result,” he is convinced.

The human rights activist stressed that there is no mention of any right here at all. After all, according to the Geneva Convention, soldiers cannot be tried. they were following orders. If they did not commit direct war crimes”. It is important to understand that this is an individual fault, not a collective one.

“If they decide to shoot, it may end sadly for them. Specifically for some Pushilin. He’ll take it and some kind of rocket will fly in,” Feigin suggested.

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