Cemeteries of “Wagnerites” are growing rapidly: NYT showed satellite images


Wagnerian cemeteries are on the rise: NYT reveals satellite images

Over the past few months, the cemetery, which is used by the infamous Russian mercenary group PKK Wagner, has grown in size rapidly.

This is stated in the investigation of The New York Times, the investigators refer to the analysis of satellite images and videos.

Thus, a satellite image taken on January 24 shows about 170 burial sites in the cemetery area . This number has increased by almost 7 times than on satellite images taken just 2 months ago.

It is noted that this is visual evidence that the invasion of Ukraine inflicts significant losses on the Wagnerites, especially ordinary soldiers.< /p>

The US government claims that Wagner's casualties on the battlefield are in the thousands. 90% of them are prisoners who were recruited to fight in exchange for being released from prison if they survive, the newspaper writes.

In addition, the journalists spoke with a local resident who said that the losses could be much greater, since many of the fighters were most likely cremated.

Ten days after the location of the cemetery was revealed in the media, pro-Kremlin media published several videos of Prigozhin laying flowers to the grave in the cemetery. Rows of freshly dug graves are also visible, each decorated with wreaths in the shape and colors of the Wagner logo. when you can die so heroically, the message says.

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