Challenger 2 tanks are the first sign, and Leopard deliveries will be in 2 stages, – Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine


Challenger 2 tanks – the first signs, and Leopard deliveries will be in 2 stages, – colonel APU

Great Britain officially announced the transfer of Challenger 2 tanks to Ukraine. Earlier it was reported that Poland would transfer Ukraine company “Leopard 2”. The deliveries of this equipment will take place in two stages.

This Channel 24 said a military expert, instructor pilot and colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the reserve Roman Svitan . He believes that Germany will not be able to refuse Poland the supply of tanks to Ukraine, especially after the announcement of Great Britain.

According to him, there were 5 “lines” of fourth-generation tanks in total:

  • Challenger 2
  • American Abrams
  • Israeli Merkava
  • South Korean K2
  • and German Leopard-2

Several thousand units were produced in more than 10 European countries. And at least half of these countries are already ready to transfer Leopards to Ukraine, but official permission from Germany as a manufacturer is needed,” Svitan said.

He noticed thateverything will happen in two stages:

  • According to him, initially the German government will allow the transfer of Leopard tanks to other countries – Poland, Finland and others.
  • “And then, perhaps, Germany itself will directly transfer tanks to Ukraine or “according to the squeezing scheme” – for example, Spain will receive Leopard-2 A2 tanks, and it will transfer Leopard-2 A5 or A6 to Ukraine” , Swithan explained.

So, the process has begun. Challenger 2 is the first sign. These are heavy tanks from the first “line”, after which, I think, we will receive all the necessary requested weapons, – the colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine believes.

Svitan spoke about the supply of weapons and the situation at the front : video

Supply of tanks to Ukraine: basic

  • Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said that the UK is seeking to increase support for Ukraine, including by providing Challenger 2 tanks and additional artillery systems, Volodymyr Zelenskyy thanked the British Prime Minister for important decisions.
  • During a meeting with Volodymyr Zelenskyy on January 11, Andrzej Duda announced that Poland would transfer a Leopard 2 company to Ukraine. However, it is known that Berlin must give a “green light” to the re-export of German-made weapons.
  • Finland also announced that it could provide Ukraine with Leopard 2 tanks, but in coordination with other countries. The President of the country stressed that the number of transferred armored vehicles cannot be large, since they border on Russia and are not yet a NATO member state.
  • And the Czech Republic is preparing a new batch of tanks, including T-72, for transfer to Ukraine . One of them was personally signed by Prime Minister Piotr Fial.
  • Christine Lambrecht, head of the German Ministry of Defense, recently said that the German government has not yet made a decision to transfer the Leopard to us. She stated that Germany did not intend to take “one-sided steps” in the supply of arms.

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