Chamber of Commerce continues to fight against NoVA for light trucks


Small business owners are burdened by the tax, the ecological impact is doubtful, says the chamber.

Chamber of Commerce continues to fight against NoVA for light trucks

In the Chamber of Commerce there is fierce opposition to the planned introduction of the standard consumption tax (NoVA) for delivery vans and light trucks under 3.5 tons.


The federal branch chairmen Alexander Klacska (transport and traffic) and Renate Scheichelbauer-Schuster (trade and craft) called for the measure to be postponed on Monday. It meets the wrong people with small business owners and leads to the longer use of old vehicles and therefore does not improve the environment.

At present there are no environmentally friendly alternatives for the commercial sector, argue Klacska and Scheichelbauer-Schuster. The NoVA introduction should be postponed until it is ready for the market. The WKÖ representatives warn that the burden on the economy would be very high.


If you were to renew the stock of around 88,000 vehicles used in factory traffic in 2024, this would result in almost 1.2 billion euros in taxes.

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