Chemical heating pads for the front: AFU will receive important assistance from Oleg Krot and the Techia Foundation


Chemical heating pads for the front: Armed Forces of Ukraine will receive important help from Oleg Krot and the Techia Foundation

Oleg Krot, director of the Techia Foundation, purchased 13,000 heating pads for the Ukrainian military. Thanks to this, our protectors and defenders will be able to warm their feet and hands during cold weather.

As reported by the Techia Foundation, we are talking about Thermopad individual compact heating pads. They are activated upon contact with air and are able to generate heat for 8 to 12 hours. Thus, chemical heating pads will help warm the feet and hands of the military during frost or combat missions.

In addition, volunteers note that Thermopad products are thin, light and not noticeable both in boots and gloves. Thanks to this, heating pads do not create any discomfort for the military.

Today, the Techia Foundation has acquired more than 13,000 heating pads of various sizes. The first batch of 3 thousand was purchased in the summer and distributed to the military with the onset of the first cold weather. The next 3,600 insoles and 540 for hand warmers are distributed according to the requests of the military.

Another 6,000 Thermopad products will be delivered from Germany to Ukraine in the coming days. Their total cost is about 900 thousand hryvnia.

Ukrainian soldiers receive a lot of equipment and various means from volunteers and the state. Among them, we donate heating pads – trifles, but in fact, not such trifles, especially when it comes to, for example, controlling an UAV or reconnaissance operation in cold weather, – comments Oleg Krot, director of the Techia Foundation and managing partner of the TECHIIA holding.

How the Techia Foundation still helps the Armed Forces of Ukraine: latest news

  • Recently, the Techia Foundation donated 1,000 special filters to the Ukrainian Defense Forces, which help the military turn water from natural reservoirs, melting snow or rain into drinking water.
  • Also, 20 generators, 7 drones and 30 cars were transferred to the front.
  • From February 2022, the amount of assistance from Techia Foundations has crossed the $21.5 million mark. Oleg Krot personally made a separate contribution – almost 40 million dollars, for which protection and useful things were purchased for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Due to military secrecy, all procurement details are not disclosed.

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