Chief negotiator: how Xi Jinping could help Ukraine end the war


Chief negotiator: how Xi Jinping could help Ukraine end the war

The United States supports a possible conversation between Xi Jinping and Vladimir Zelensky. However, whether such a call will take place depends largely on Moscow.

This opinion was expressed to Channel 24 by international political scientist Maxim Yali. He recalled that the Chinese leader is planning a trip to Russia in the near future.

In Moscow, Xi Jinping will meet with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, in part to discuss the war in Ukraine. According to Yali, this conversation can determine whether the conversation between the Chinese leader and the President of Ukraine will take place in the future.

“It all depends on what Putin whispers to him in Moscow,” the political scientist noted.

Will Xi have a conversation with Zelensky?

However, Yali believes that sooner or later, Xi and Zelensky should talk. After all, China is increasingly involved in the topic of the war in Ukraine. If earlier Beijing limited itself to statements of neutrality, then on February 24 it presented its “peace plan”.

After the Chinese leader visits Moscow, it will be logical if he talks to Zelensky as well. During this conversation, Xi can propose mechanisms to implement the end of the war,” Yali said.

The political scientist emphasized that whoever becomes the main negotiator and puts an end to this war, or at least stops active hostilities, will receive huge bonuses in diplomatic status.

Maxim Yali suggested what Xi and Zelensky could talk about: watch the video

China's Influence Is Growing

According to the political scientist, Beijing's influence on the world stage is gradually increasing. In particular, with the mediation of China, Saudi Arabia and Iran resumed bilateral relations.

This is a serious diplomatic breakthrough, because these countries were de facto at war in Yemen,” Yali said.

He added that the restoration of relations is a huge success, thanks to Beijing.

Xi Jinping can put pressure on Putin

Also, according to the political scientist, China will try to influence both sides of the conflict in Ukraine.

China has a much greater influence on Russia than the US. It is Beijing and Xi Jinping personally who can put pressure on Putin to make certain concessions. Yali said.

He added that the Chinese leader could force the head of the Kremlin to fulfill what is written in paragraph 1 of the “peace plan” from Beijing. It is about “respect for the sovereignty of all countries and support for the integrity of all countries.” As Yali noted, Russia violated this clause by breaking into Ukraine.

“The main thing is that the war should end on our terms”

Yali believes that Xi Jinping has enough power to force the Russian dictator to give in to his expansionist ambitions.

It is not so important for us who will receive the laurels of the diplomatic winner. The main thing is that the war should stop on our terms,” the political scientist stressed.

He added that Ukraine is not interested in the fact that the hostilities continued for a long time. After all, the war is taking place on our territory and Ukrainian citizens are dying.

Possible conversation between Xi and Zelensky: what is known

  • The Wall Street Journal reported that Chinese leader Xi Jinping plans to speak with Volodymyr Zelensky. In all likelihood, he will do this after a visit to Moscow. This will be the first conversation between the leaders of China and Ukraine during the Russian-Ukrainian war.
  • US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said Washington welcomed the prospect. Sullivan said the conversation between Xi and Zelensky would potentially bring a “balance of perspective” to China's approach to the war in Ukraine.
  • Political consultant Mikhail Sheitelman stressed that such a conversation could be in favor of Ukraine. After all, now it is very important for Kyiv to have good relations with Beijing.

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