Children left without mothers: Russia claimed the lives of two best friends Ira and Olya in the Dnieper


Children left without mothers: Russia claimed the lives of two best friends Ira and Olya in Dnipro

Russia continues to massively shell Ukrainian cities, as a result of which civilians of our state die. Two best friends, Irina and Olga, were killed due to an enemy missile hitting a high-rise building in the Dnieper.

On Saturday, January 14, the terrorist state that is our neighbor once again launched dozens of air targets to completely destroy the Ukrainian energy infrastructure. One of the 5 X-22 missiles hit a house in the Dnieper, which killed many, including two friends.

It is known that during this attack, the women were not in the high-rise building, but only passed by. A friend of the deceased Olga Usova and military man Andrei Bilyak on his Facebook page noted that the woman has a small son and a man. Olga worked as a dentist and volunteered.

I can't believe it… Pain and tears. Dnieper. Volunteer, highly professional dentist Olga Usova, who was my doctor after our rotation, is already in heaven… The little son with his father was left an orphan, just like her friend Irina Salamatenko, who also died, Bilyak wrote.

In addition, he stated that Olga was a very good, smart and sincere girl. She helped the Armed Forces and everyone she could.

Volunteer and physician Olga Usova/Photo from social networks

Irina Salamatenko died >/Photo from social networks

Olya left behind a bright memory, and Russia is forever Mordor, which must be wiped off the face of the earth. – the man emphasized.

In addition, the Dnipro Volunteer Coordination Headquarters also emphasized that it was Russia that killed the two girlfriends, and published their joint photo.

Two dead best friends/Photo from social networks

Pay attention! You can support the families of dead women by donating money to the cards of men Olga Usova and Irina Salamatenko. 4731 2196 4895 8563 – Eduard Usov; 4441 1144 4516 0235 – Igor Salamatenko.

EditorialChannel 24 expresses condolences to all the relatives and those who died as a result of another massive attack.

Strike on the house in the Dnieper: latest news

  • As of 1400 January 15, over 20 people are known to have been killed and over 70 injured in this attack. At the same time, 39 people were saved, including 6 children. However, the number of victims is constantly growing.
  • In Russia, they gloat over this shelling. They “joke” that this is not an attack at all, but an “explosion of a gas cylinder”.
  • Defense Minister Alexei Reznikov reacted to the situation. He noted that a tribunal awaits all Russian war criminals. And no “excuses” will help the invaders.

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