China benefits from weak Russia: why Beijing is ready to help Moscow


China benefits from weak Russia: why Beijing is ready to help Moscow

Against the background of the visit of the leader of communist China Xi Jinping to the Kremlin, experts are discussing the benefits for China from such “cooperation”. Since the Russian political system cannot hold Russia, it completely “falls” under China, which benefits from it as a “buffer” in confronting China and the United States.

Political strategist Yury Podorozhny told Channel 24 about this. According to him, a number of countries of the former USSR are helping Russia to circumvent sanctions, as evidenced by the increase in their exports to the terrorist country.

The issue of sanctions evasion has already been resolved

Yuri Podorozhny is convinced that Russia and China have long resolved the issues of cooperation in evading sanctions. At present, the issue is China's willingness to directly support Russia.

The political strategist noted that China really benefits from a weak Russia and it may seem that it benefits from the collapse of Russia and its loss in the war. This can be evidenced even by the new maps of the PRC, where Russian territories are marked by Chinese ones.

140 million Chinese are sitting on the border waiting to enter Russia to make this quiet occupation. In general, there are even areas in Vladivostok where Russians are not allowed in and only Chinese live there,” the political strategist said.

He added that it may seem that China benefits from the collapse of Russia, but, in his opinion, China is beneficial to Russia as a “buffer” in the confrontation with the United States.

Political strategist named the reasons for Russia's help from China: watch the video

Yuri Podorozhny believes that the war between Russia and Ukraine is beneficial to China, because it distracts the United States from confrontation with China. The PRC also wants to take advantage of the fact that Russia has completely withdrawn from Europe and is heading to no one knows where. Beijing wants to steer Russia in a direction that is beneficial to itself.

The political strategist does not believe in China's peaceful statements and believes that Beijing will say whatever they want to defend their own interests.

How China helps Russia

  • China probably knew about Russia's plans to attack Ukraine, but did nothing to prevent this war. Vladimir Putin was in China in February 2022, where he most likely informed Xi Jinping of his intentions to occupy Ukraine.
  • China has not condemned Russia's actions, has not joined the sanctions, and continues to maintain close contacts with Moscow.
  • The United States has intelligence evidence that China is considering supplying weapons and ammunition to Russia. Some of the ammunition used and found by the Russians in Ukraine turned out to be Chinese.

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