China can seriously strengthen Russia – Andrusiv said when this could happen


China can seriously strengthen Russia, – Andrusiv said when this could happen

Andrusiv on the situation with China/Channel 24 Collage

China declares neutrality in Russia's war against Ukraine. However, experts believe that Beijing is secretly helping the Kremlin. In addition, if China does invade Taiwan, then, in contrast to the West, it can strengthen Russia economically.

Victor Andrusiv, adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs, told Channel 24 about this. He stressed that what he fears most is China's involvement in our conflict.

In his opinion, this whole situation with Russia stopped the situation with Taiwanin the China Sea. “After all, the Chinese have seen that the military advantage in technology and manpower does not lead to success. And the Taiwanese army is quite powerful and modernized, albeit small,” Andrusiv said.

However, the adviser to the head The Ministry of Internal Affairs fears the behavior of China. After all, serious statements are being made in this country – the Chinese have directly said that all attempts to support the independence of Taiwan will lead to the invasion of the Chinese army.

This is what scares me. For if China goes into confrontation with the West, then in fact it will form a kind of axis with the Russians, and the Russians, poor in economic resources, will receive a serious boost,” Andrusiv explained.

See full interview with Viktor Andrusiv:

China-Taiwan Conflict: Key Features

  • In recent years, China has been quite actively violating Taiwan's air defenses. So, on May 6, 18 Chinese military aircraft entered Taiwan's air defense zone.
  • After Russia started a war against Ukraine, “visits” of Chinese aircraft to Taiwan have become more frequent, and in the United States they have somewhat changed their minds and now believe that the island should protect its sovereignty in the event of a Chinese attack.
  • Recently, US President Joe Biden said that he ready to use force if China decides to resort to attacking Taiwan. Hours later, China expressed dissatisfaction with Biden's comments. They declared that they would not allow any external force to interfere in the “internal affairs” of the country.
  • The Chinese side constantly emphasizes that Taiwan is an inalienable part of China's territory, and any foreign interference is unacceptable. The PRC still does not want to recognize Taiwan's independence.

Help! Taiwan declared secession from China during the civil war in 1949. Beijing does not recognize the independence of the island and considers it its province. The administrative status of the region has not been settled.

China's position on the war in Ukraine: the main thing

  • Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba suggested that China is now neutral – it does not side with either Ukraine or Russia. However, China is just waiting.
  • Expert Artur Kharitonov believes that China is on the side of Russia and supports it in every possible way, but shows neutrality because it is afraid of Western sanctions. According to him, China helps Russia as much as it can be done covertly.
  • China itself assures that they did not provide any material support to Russia – neither military nor economic.
  • Let's add that after the European Union imposed an embargo on Russian oil, Asia, including China, will become the biggest buyer of oil from Russia.
  • At the same time, China banned Russian companies that have Boeing and Airbus aircraft in their fleet to fly them in their airspace.

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