China does not consider war in Ukraine as a war between two sovereign states – political scientist


China does not consider war in Ukraine as a war between two sovereign states - political scientist

China still doubts its attitude towards Ukraine. Although he should support, judging by his narratives about the integrity of states in recent years.

Political scientist Taras Zagorodny stated this on the air of Channel 24 . At the same time, he noted that it was Xi Jinping who changed the focus of foreign policy.

How Xi Jinping Changed Politics

Now the focus of China's foreign policy has become not pragmatic, but ideological, the expert believes. And this does not play into the hands of Ukraine.

And in this vein, they view the war not as two sovereign states, but as Russia's war against a “rebellious province.” Russia did a good job on this directly and this is the opinion of the Chinese leadership,” Zagorodniy said.

Taras Zagorodny on China's policy on the war in Ukraine: watch video

What can Ukraine do

According to the political scientist, diplomats should now enter the game and carry out a kind of information work. They must explain that Ukraine is not a “province” but a sovereign state.

“Further on, we can conclude that China does not need an unpredictable Russia. Because it can take an unpredictable step at any moment – to organize a terrorist attack in the Persian Gulf in order to raise oil prices. This is not profitable for China,” the speaker suggested.

The political scientist recalled the “peace plan”, where China sees its advantages in cooperation with Ukraine. This applies to the export of agricultural products.

“This is also a significant lever of pressure on China and we need to talk to it,” Taras Zagorodniy summed up.

Russian and Chinese affairs: the latest

  • China renamed the cities of Russia in its own way. Russian opposition journalist Igor Yakovenko said that maps were published on the official website of the Chinese government, on which Chinese names were returned to some Russian cities.
  • Beijing has lifted a 2020 ban on coal imports from Australia. Such a decision will potentially harm the aggressor country, because its miners will not survive if China also refuses Russian coal.
  • At the same time, a political scientist from Germany, Igor Eidman, believes that China benefits from “Putin's” Russia, which would be a kind of “lightning rod” from the West.

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