China has a window of opportunity to replace Russia in the global game – OPU


China has a window of opportunity to replace Russia in the global game - OPU

Chinese leader Xi Jinping is due to visit Moscow soon. Analysts suggest that he wants to unite Russia, Belarus, as opposed to the Western world, in order to get some concessions from the United States. Or Xi Jinping can put pressure on Putin to make decisions he doesn't like. In particular, curtail the so-called NWO.

However, adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Mykhailo Podolyak considers it extremely unsafe for China to unite toxic countries into a certain union. He told Channel 24 about this. In his opinion, such a decision is toxic for Beijing itself and reduces its room for maneuver.

Intends to prolong the war

He noted that China is currently looking for its place as a global player. After all, while he is an economic global player. But the PRC does not influence political processes as powerfully as it wants.

Today, China has a window of opportunity to replace Russia in the global game. But for this, Beijing needs to understand how it should behave,” said the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine.

According to him, Xi Jinping needs to look at the psychological state of Russian society.

China intends to prolong this war. He wants it to continue while Beijing looks for a trading platform, he stressed.

Podolyak suggested that Xi Jinping's visit to Moscow is to some extent a “probe” whether China can take control of Russia.

“Xi Jinping wants to see if the Russian elites are monolithic or split. To look at Putin, whether he is completely destroyed psychologically. And to see if China can drag out the war for a while until it develops a trading platform on which it will dominate,” he stressed. companion.

Mikhail Podolyak on the purposes of Xi Jinping's visit to Russia: watch the video

China's strategic advantages

Podolyak noted that the head of China is taking a demonstrative step in order to psychologically squeeze Russia into certain actions.

The visit of Xi Jinping should give a certain moralization to the ultra-patriotic circles in Russia, which should shout for a while: “Look, we are supported. Let's continue to fight,” the adviser to the head of the Presidential Office believes.

He noted that China is pragmatic about the development of a new platform that will allow it to assume the functions of a global player. And also to the creation of a logistical trajectory to the end of the war, so that China would receive strategic advantages.

“It is important that among the strategic advantages there are the interests of Kazakhstan, because it is important for China from a trade point of view. But the interests of Russia and Belarus will definitely not be present in China's strategic initiatives,” Mikhail Podolyak is convinced.

Relations between China and Russia: important

  • Russian opposition journalist Igor Yakovenko noted that the maps published on the official website of the Chinese government, on which Chinese names were returned to some Russian cities, is a clear signal to Putin. According to him, China is hinting to the head of the Kremlin that Russia will not only be called “Muscovy”, but all the Far Eastern territories will be called in Chinese.
  • Russian publicist Andrei Piontkovsky believes that it is very important for Xi Jinping that Putin remains at the head of Russia. In his opinion, Putin is actually the chairman of the pro-Chinese party in Russia and his policy means the gradual transfer of economic and political influence in the Far East and Siberia.
  • Mikhail Samus, Deputy Director of the Army Research Center, noted that China still believes that Ukraine cannot defeat such a monster as Russia. He believes that it would be an acceptable option for China if it were possible to freeze the conflict on Russia's terms – this made it possible to prevent the United States from geopolitically being close to Russia.

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