China has announced the release date of the vaccine against coronavirus

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China announced the release date of the vaccine against coronavirus

The COVID-19 coronavirus vaccines developed in China may be available in the coming months. The approximate release date was named by the chief expert on biosafety of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CCDC) Wu Guizhen, she is quoted by Interfax.

According to the expert, the third phase of clinical trials was successful, so the drug may be available to the general public in November or December. Wu Guizhen said that she herself was vaccinated with one of the experimental drugs back in the spring, in April: after that, she did not observe any side effects.

According to the latest data, four Chinese COVID-19 vaccines are in the final stages of clinical trials. Three of them may already be included in the emergency use program.

On September 10, it became known that scientists from China confirmed the effectiveness of the Russian drug Triazavirin against COVID-19. Patients in ten hospitals in China who were given the drug had a shorter duration of illness and improved symptoms.

Triazavirin went on sale in Russian pharmacies in 2014. According to the trade journal Vademecum, the drug is effective against 15 strains of the influenza virus.

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