China has entered the “imperial regime”, – the analyst explained the interests of China in relation to Eastern Europe


China entered the

Shevchenko spoke about China's interests in relation to Eastern Europe/Channel 24 Collage

China sees itself as a competitor to the US, moreover, it wants to become the world's economic leader in its place. The Celestial Empire also has certain strategic interests in different countries, especially where there are a lot of resources.

This was reported to Channel 24 by an analyst and graduate student of Jilin University Petr Shevchenko. He stressed that at present Beijing and Washington are in an interdependent state, but at the same time they compete very strongly with who will be the leader in the coming decades, in particular in Asia.

China's “imperial regime”

Besides, according to Shevchenko, of course, Eastern Europe is in the sphere of China's interests. For example, the close cooperation between Beijing and Minsk only emphasizes that the Celestial Empire has certain interests in Belarus.

At the same time, we must understand that China, like Russia, has entered the “imperial regime.” That is, he is now looking through an imperial lens at the world, in which it is divided into certain spheres of influence of great power rivalry. – the analyst said.

As Shevchenko noted, China understands that if Eastern Europe is a platform for competition between, for example, Moscow and European capitals and Washington, then it will focus on priority areas for itself. First of all, this is Southeast Asia, Taiwan, the Pacific Ocean.

Interests in Eastern Europe

However, if we talk about China's pragmatic approach to Eastern Europe, then, firstly, it is interested in the transit function of these countries. Secondly, the Chinese understand that sooner or later the current consensus between Putin and Xi Jinping will be broken.

“Then China will need a balancer of Russia's influence. That is why they consider, for example, good relations with Minsk as a certain balancer of influence Moscow,” Shevchenko said.

Shevchenko spoke about China's interests in relation to Eastern Europe: watch the video

Confrontation between China and the USA: the latest

  • Artur Kharitonov, president of the public organization Liberal Democratic League of Ukraine, said that China fears sanctions from the United States of America. That is why the Celestial Empire is in no hurry to help Russia, however, as soon as there are ways to overcome these sanctions, China will take advantage of them.
  • In addition, as Kharitonov noted, China took advantage of the fact that Russia was actively preparing for war, so the countries adjusted relationship for a long time. He stressed that the Celestial Empire would not be able to completely cut off Western money, but large funds would go to the Russian budget.
  • Alexander Kraev, an expert at the Ukrainian Prism Foreign Policy Council, said that a new iteration of the Cold War is taking place between the United States and China . He noted that although the Americans and the Chinese are negotiating, they continue to have an ideological confrontation.

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