China has published a new photo of Mars

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China has published a new photo of Mars

China's National Space Administration (CNSA) has released a new photograph of Mars taken by the Zhurong rover. Reported by CNN.

The black and white image shows a deserted Martian landscape, as well as the imprints of the rover's wheels. The device explores the surface of the red planet as part of a three-month mission. Chinese scientists hope Zhurong will gather important information about the geological structure of Mars, its atmosphere and soil. The rover will also look for signs of life, including any groundwater or ice.

Earlier, China's Space Administration published a video from Mars. The footage shows an endless yellowish-brown desert, as well as Martian valleys and small craters. You can also see the moment the descent vehicle's parachute opens and the Zhurong rover crosses the planet's surface.

The first Chinese probe to explore Mars, Tianwen 1, with the Zhuzhong rover, was launched at the end of July. The total weight of “Tianwen-1” is about five tons, of which 3.7 tons fall on the orbital station. In May 2021, the device made a successful landing on the planet.

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