China has tested a hypersonic missile capable of carrying a nuclear charge

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The tests took US intelligence by surprise and shocked them. The Americans did not expect China to go that far in developing hypersonic weapons, The Financial Times reported.

China has tested a hypersonic missile capable of carrying a nuclear charge

Rocket launch in China (archive photo)

China has tested a new hypersonic missile capable of carrying nuclear weapons. The tests were carried out in August and caught US intelligence by surprise, London's The Financial Times reported on Saturday, October 16, citing informed sources.

A missile with a hypersonic gliding aircraft flew through low-orbit space, circling the globe, and then descended to hit the target. The hit did not happen, the undershoot was about 32 kilometers. Nevertheless, tests have shown that China has advanced much further in the development of hypersonic weapons than the United States anticipated.

Advances in the development of hypersonic weapons

The interlocutors of The Financial Times noted that the tests of the Chinese hypersonic missile were not announced in advance, as is usually done, and shocked American experts. “We have no idea how they did it,” a US intelligence source admitted.

The newspaper notes that the tests carried out raise the question of why the United States underestimates the success of China in the development of hypersonic weapons. It turned out that China has achieved much greater success in this area than the American experts believed, the interlocutors of the publication stated.

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