China is interested in continuing the war in Ukraine: will Xi help Putin


China is interested in continuing the war in Ukraine: will Xi help Putin

Chinese President Xi Jinping paid a visit to Moscow on March 20-22 and met with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. Beijing is interested in a weak Russia, so it wants the war in Ukraine to continue.

This opinion was expressed on the air of Channel 24 by the ex-employee of the KGB and the Foreign Intelligence Service of Russia Sergey Zhirnov. According to him, China does not want to help Russia with weapons because it is afraid of Western sanctions.

China benefits from war in Ukraine

Zhirnov noted that Beijing does not want to openly help Russia with weapons, because it is afraid of sanctions. Western countries provide China with 50% of foreign trade, while Russia provides only 2-3%.

The ex-KGB officer also suggested that Xi Jinping spoke to Putin about his concerns about Russia's statements regarding nuclear weapons. In addition, China is interested in a weak Russia, so it wants the war in Ukraine to continue .

There is no Chinese peace plan. China said that the UN condemned Russian aggression in several resolutions and demanded the withdrawal of Russian troops from the territory of Ukraine. But China did not vote for these resolutions, but abstained. Also, China did not vote against it,” he said.

Sergei Zhirnov noted that Xi Jinping wished Putin good luck in the presidential elections in Russia in 2024, he is sure that the Russian people will support Putin.

“Thus, he showed that he was satisfied with this man with an arrest warrant from the international court in The Hague. Putin in this position can do whatever China tells him,” the ex-KGB officer added.

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Xi Jinping's visit to Russia: in brief

  • The Chinese leader arrived in Moscow on March 20. This is his first visit to the aggressor country in 4 years. It is known that he arrived in the capital of a terrorist state on board a Boeing 747-89L.
  • War criminal Putin tried to extort from the Chinese side the implementation of joint initiatives and projects. Putin tried to convince Jinping that China needed Russian energy.
  • In addition, Russia is trying to attract as many Chinese goods as possible to its market in order to replace with them the products of brands that have left the terrorist country. Putin also complained to the Chinese leader about NATO.
  • Russian media said that Putin and Jinping agreed on joint defense of interests and joint exercises. Russia and China are in favor of an objective investigation into the explosions at Nord Stream.
  • On March 22, Xi Jinping completed his state visit to Moscow. Flight C departed from the Moscow airport “Vnukovo-2”. On the occasion of the departure of the head of China, a solemn ceremony was held at the airport. The Chinese leader walked the red carpet along the board accompanied by the musical accompaniment of a military band.

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