China needs peace, not war: will it risk supplying Russia with lethal weapons


China needs peace, not war: will it risk supplying Russia with lethal weapons

Probably, the US and China have already talked behind closed doors about the supply of weapons to Russia. The Chinese authorities have already made their choice.

Ihor Lytvyn, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to China in 1999-2001, told Channel 24 about this. According to him, China does not want to be in the same boat as a loser country.

China has already decided

Igor Litvin stressed that in an interview, US national security adviser Jake Sullivan clearly said that the US authorities had direct closed-door talks with Chinese partners on the supply of lethal weapons to Russia.

He focused on the fact that this is evidence that the parties understood each other. That is, the Chinese have an idea of how everything will end for the PRC in the case of cooperation with Russia.

In my opinion, China will not dare to supply any lethal weapons to the Russian Federation,” he said.

According to Lytvyn, China will still choose the democratic world as its main partner.

Benefit for China

Igor Lytvyn said that the Chinese authorities do not want to be on the same side as the losing side. China regards any of its steps in terms of benefits.

According to him, the state seeks to maintain competitiveness in the international economic arena.

Moreover, China has repeatedly said that it needs peace, not war, he said.

Lytvyn explained that achieving peace by strengthening the aggressor is not something that can be regarded as a decent game for a world player of this level.

China can supply Russia with weapons: what is known

  • CIA Director William Burns said that the Chinese authorities are considering the possibility of providing Russia with lethal weapons for the war against Ukraine. However, a final decision has not yet been made. William Burns stressed that the Joe Biden administration is trying to moderate the Chinese authorities from making such a decision.
  • Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky reacted to the likely increase in China's support for Russia. He assured that it is important for him that this does not happen. The head of state stressed that this could become a threat not only to our country, but to the whole world.
  • US President Joseph Biden does not expect China to provide significant military assistance to Russia. At the same time, he believes that this will be exactly the limit followed by the reaction of the United States.

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