China needs Russia – Preobrazhensky suggested what kind of “peace plan” Beijing could offer


China needs Russia, – Preobrazhensky suggested what kind of

China is preparing a “peace plan” for Russia's war against Ukraine on the anniversary of a full-scale invasion. During the war, it turned out that Moscow was not such an important strategic military partner of Beijing. But still, China cannot allow the complete defeat of the invaders.

About thisChannel 24said candidate of political sciences, expert on Central and Eastern Europe Ivan Preobrazhensky. According to him, relations between China and Russia were not equal even before the start of a full-scale war. But for Beijing, it is still important that Moscow maintains a certain military force.

What can be a “peace plan” from China

China does not benefit from the absolute defeat of Russia in the war. And especially – the demilitarization of the invaders and getting rid of nuclear weapons.

As Preobrazhensky noted, although Russia demonstrated its weakness during the war against Ukraine, China still needs it. They may expect that Moscow will help Beijing in the event of a war against Taiwan. Also, do not forget about the nuclear arsenal of the invaders.

China needs Russia anyway. At least as a source of raw materials. The worse Russia's position, the better for China, but on one condition – that Russia remains an important military ally for China. Economically, let the situation worsen, but let Russia keep the army. And he will be able to throw it in support of China, if necessary, Preobrazhensky believes.

He suggests that China's “peace plan” will contain certain conditions regarding Crimea and the liberation of other occupied territories of Ukraine. In all likelihood, Beijing will be ready to provide serious economic assistance to Russia after the end of the war. So they will tie Moscow to themselves with the help of debts and loans.

According to Preobrazhensky, China does not care who will continue to lead Russia. The main thing is that this person be submissive to Beijing.

What kind of “peace plan” from China: in short

  • At the Munich Conference, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that Russia's war against Ukraine needs to finish urgently. They propose a “peace initiative” for both countries.
  • Precise details are unknown at this time. However, there is both support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, and a proposal to take into account the pro-Russian “legitimate interests of all states in the field of security.”
  • President Volodymyr Zelensky noted that he had not seen any document from China. He rightly believes that states should support the “peace formula” presented by Ukraine.

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