China prepared for Trump's latest “act of insanity”

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China prepared for Trump's latest

China is preparing for the last “act of madness” of US President Donald Trump, which he can arrange before his departure from the post of head of state. The corresponding article appeared on the Chinese pro-government portal Global Times.

As a number of experts said in an interview with the portal, in the last days of his stay in power, Trump and his administration may intensify their anti-Chinese policy by taking additional measures against Beijing. In particular, we are talking about the imposition of sanctions against Chinese officials and companies due to human rights violations in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (XUAR) and Hong Kong.

Thus, analysts believe that the current American leader will be able to significantly complicate the life of his likely successor in the presidency, Joe Biden, and sabotage his work. Due to such actions of Trump, a Democrat will have to make a difficult decision at the very beginning of his term: either to continue to maintain tensions with China, which may even worsen, or to try to reverse the decrees of his predecessor, risking criticism for being too soft on Beijing. “Trump is actually setting a trap or laying a mine for the Biden administration,” said Shen Yi, professor at the School of International Relations and Public Relations at Fudan University.

The fact that the plan of the current American leader may work, said the representative of the US National Security Council John Ulliott, reports The Independent. If China does not change course and behave more responsibly on the international stage, Ulliott said, attempts to reverse Trump's “historic” edicts against Beijing would be political suicide for the next US presidents.

At the same time, the publication itself notes that, most likely, Trump's supporters will actively criticize Biden, regardless of what actions he takes. Thus, he will receive a certain freedom in terms of overturning any decisions made by the previous American leader, The Independent believes.

Earlier in November, Trump administration officials revealed that the current US president plans to pass a new package of sanctions against China. So he can try to teach Beijing a lesson “for everything at once,” they noted.

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